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Diana Iannarone, Founder

Diana has devoted her professional life to advocacy, education and empowerment. During her 25 years in the financial services industry, she demonstrated her skills as a powerful educator and leader, training managers and advisors as well as working with clients. Diana understands how to get to the heart of the matter and simplify complex strategies and situations.

Her passion throughout her career was not only about educating advisors and leaders of the technical knowledge needed to properly advise their clientele, but her devotion was about people development and mentoring individuals and teams to perform to their full potential. 

Much of the training she developed during her tenure in financial services was geared toward the power of our perceptions and their influence on the quality of our lives, relationships, and business results.  Our sabotaging beliefs were established at a very early age and we are often blind to their existence. Once revealed, our life transforms immediately once we can see how the belief was acquired and use our mind and imagination to abolish it, and restart our life.

This passion about how we sabotage our life if we don't seek our wisdom within, led her to be a sought-after speaker delivering “Perception Training” across the United States to empower people to rise to new levels of success. This ability to know how to inspire and motivate people to break free from perceived barriers, catapulted her and much of her team of managers and advisors alike to the top of the charts in key measures of success. This success not only represents hitting key target numbers for the corporation and individuals, but also hitting measures that affirm satisfaction of the advisor field force she led.

Caring for and developing people is what brought her from a part-time position training financial advisors, to being responsible for product sales for one half of the United States and ultimately being one of only a few women to be assigned a Group Vice President position leading as many as six states of operations and over 500 individuals in every facet of responsibility. 

Her greatest treasure and testimony of her career history was being awarded the Group Vice President Impact Award. This award can only be achieved by one person for the year and only by majority vote of those they led, affirming that they had a positive and significant impact on their advisory practices. 

Desiring to focus only on people empowerment and using her skills to help those wishing to transcend their present circumstances, she decided to leave the financial services industry in 2005, and transitioned to the obvious next step, working with people one on one as a Certified Life Coach. 

She has worked with hundreds of individuals in this role, and thousands through the years to guide them to success on their life journey. Diana emphasizes the importance of Standing Up, leading people to find the ability within themselves to take ownership of their lives.

Diana explores this idea more in her book Me and My Shadow which has received positive reviews since its publication in 2013. This book serves as a guide, inspiring people to move form Fear and Control to Love and Freedom. As the pages unfold, they depict her story, and will ignite within you the power to Wake Up, Stand Up, Live Free...

4.9 out of 5

“Me and My Shadow” 
Move from Fear and Control to Love and Freedom
by Diana Rose Iannarone

“This book is a testament to the power we have in the creation of our own lives and the lives of all living things in the world around us. Every step we take, we are on an unconscious quest for the pieces of ourselves that we left behind so long ago.” Diana Iannarone